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this is one kind of a hot spot, this shopping center very close to 880. there are some security guards working at these hours, but they've only here at midnight. one day when she worked, she came out and realized someone had tried to steal her car. >> the win doe was broken. >> reporter: in the middle of the overnight shift, she says someone tried to steal her car, imported from tokyo. >> it looked like someone was trying to slim jim it. >> we know the hot spots. >> reporter: he says '90s models civics can be stolen in seconds. >> they know how to get into the car. >> reporter: the latest stats show the top two most stolen cars are 1990-97 honda accords, 1990-2000 honda civics which are five times more likely to get stolen. >> we're finding the criminal
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element is getting much bolder. >> reporter: it's what happens after the police steals the vehicle. >> they use stolen cars to commit robberies, burglaries and autotheft leads to everything. i was in heyward following a girl in a stolen car, get out, around, steal mail out of a bunch of mailboxes. >> stolen identities which also lead to more stolen vehicles. >> people are going into agencies and using credit cards to rent cars. >> reporter: he encourages drivers to use a steering wheel lock. >> obviously, it worked for me. i'm definitely going to keep doing that. >> reporter: according to the department of transportation, california is the worst state in the country for auto-theft which nationwide, happens every 33 seconds. so it's likely criminals
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somewhere have stolen three to four vehicles since the start of this report. >> well, the super bowl is just three days away. and the excitement is building. but unforchew natly for the 49ers, so is the controversy. tonight, instead of moving forward, there's another setback with the fragile relationship with the gay community. the it gets better project has pulled a 49ers' video. it features four players, but when asked about it today, two of them denied participating in the video. >> linebacker brooks was then shown the video and they say they didn't realize that video was about gay rights. the video is now off the web site. it gets better dot org. and the young man that started this whole controversy apologized again. but this time, on camera. yesterday, a radio interview surfaced in which he claimed he
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wouldn't welcome a gay teammate on the team. today, he was able to clear the air saying that that's not twha he believes. and that's not what he feels in hishearted. >> well, it certainly doesn't make sense when a championship trashed the city. but that's what happens. victory in san francisco has been plagued by violence. the last time they won the super bowl in 1995, there were close to 200 arrests in the city after the game. and after the world series celebration, fires, vandalism, you name it. so what's going to happen this sunday? nbc is live in san francisco where one sports fan knows just how quickly a celebration can turn ugly. >> that's right, jessica. 49ers fans are excited about the big game. some are right here at city hall takes pictures of the building awash in red and gold. but there is concern about celebrations getting out of hand. no one wants a repeat of world series victory violence.
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>> reporter: 49ers fans are ready. >> it's going to be amazing. >> reporter: lifelong 49ers fan is hoping for a big win. but plans to avoid post-game street celebrations. >> when it gets later at night and people have been drinking, win or lose, it's going to be something to keep an eye on. >> reporter: timiney knows it can get ugly fast. smashing windows and lighting it on fire at third and market streets. he says he tried to stop the vandals because there were people inside the bus. >> just people smashing windows. and i just remember going up to them and grabbing them and shoving them off and saying this is not what we do. >> reporter: but the crowd turned on him. >> broken nose, concussion, minor chips on my teeth. >> reporter: cell phone video
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and public out rage helped plis make some arrests. san francisco gears up for another big game, timiney is hoping the 49ers' fans keep the super bowl party in check. football fans who do plan to find a street party will with more cautious. >> i want to go down to the civic center after the game and hopefully it's organized in all respects. >> reporter: the san francisco police department says it will have extra patrols out in the city on super bowl sunday. and, tonight, the sheriff's department says it will be providing substantial support. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> we will be a visual support. saturday, you can watch prime time super bowl special at 9:00 p.m. and then after the game on sunday, switch over the nbc bay area for our live 49ers post-game show. >> three san jose teenagers are
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facing atechted murder charges tonight. police say james palmerson pulled off a three-day crime spree that included a stabbing and braizen home invasion. they appeared in court where you can see they heard the new charges against them. >> they went to an unsolved attempted murder robbery that occurred on the 19th. >> the crime spree ended after the three targeted an elderly couple tied them up and ransa ransacked their home. the men will return to court to enter a plea. >> more than four decades ago, the city took a stand that was unpopular at the time. san mateo threw its support between the troops fighting in vietnam. >> reporter: that's right. tonight, that support continued
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as they skyped with the unit in afghanistan. it's existed for 45 years because of one determined woman. >> a lot of his buddies weren't getting mail. >> reporter: she remembers the day she received a letter from her brother. from vietnam, artavia asked his sister if the city of san mateo would adopt his unit to boost morale. >> how could we help these soldiers? what could we do? i'll do it for you. >> a few months later, patterson approached the city council. at the time, no city had gone on record supporting troops in vietnam. at first, they said her brother was originally from san francisco. >> which got me to stand up and say he's not from vietnam, either. but he's fighting a war over there. >> our neighbors cities have joined.
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>> reporter: that powerful state led to unanimous resolution. >> it was great for the mep, frankly. the letters were the most important thing. >> oh, i was thrilled. i felt just something come over me that i thought, wow, i can't wait to tell my brother this good news. >> reporter: two weeks later, the sergeant was killed in action. >> i knew in his last moments, he knew that i had accomplished what he had asked me to do. and he knew that. >> 45 year s later, the determination is still not forgotten as the city continues to reach out to troops serving in a different war. >> it's the symbolic gesture that's being done here, which is, you know, not only for the 101st but for all of our veterans. >> rodents crawling on millions of ingredients inside a bay area
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food distributor. >> reporter: the investigative unit returns to the facility. and why this facility should be alieued to reopen? >> then, off the field, our exclusive with jim harbaugh. his candid answer ahead of game day. >> i'm lawrence scott in new orleans. tonight, we're going to take you on a culinary tour of the crescent city. we're about to show you millions of dollars of wine outside of the napa valley. we're on bourbon street and we're talking about wine.
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the state of california called it a massive rodent infestation first exposed by the nbc bay area investigative unit. the fremont food distributor says hit's made changes. for the first time since the initial report, the owner opens up about what went wrong and why he wants to reopen his business. >> i can show you, tony, where i believe and where i think the management believes the problem occurred. >> reporter: a problem that led to these pictures, rodent droppings. >> and i'm going to show you some of these specific area where we think the problem originated. >> reporter: he's a nationally recognized food safety expert hired to make sure san francisco
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urban natural food cleans up the massive rodent infestation. our investigation first aired the video and pictures from inside the warehouse. we also heard compelling testimonials from two former employees. >> why are you sitting there now? >> as a person, i can't bear this anymore. somebody has to stop what they're doing. stop what the process is because this isn't right. >> go deeper and more mouse droppings. this is san francisco natural food company. >> reporter: describe for me what's in that picture? >> it's a rat about a foot and a half, two feet long tail. again, that was on products and is actually half way in the bag, there's a hole there and we're cleaning it up. it's dead. >> reporter: the pictures were from inside this warehouse. the video was from inside this
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warehouse. and the state confirmed there was a problem. >> and there is no denying. in fact, we appreciate the work you did as far as raising the issue to a level where it got the attention that it needed. so the fact that there was a problem here, no debate. >> reporter: the owners tell us state and federal investigators followed our reporting. within days, they shut down the facility, embargoed mill yops of pounds of tea, spice and natural foods and also announced a national food recall. >> reporter: your assessment, this was part of the problem because rodents were coming up from under the slab. >> that's correct. >> reporter: the major cause was dozens of small holes in the cracks between the warehouses concrete slabs. relatively small holes, but large enough to allow mice to crawl through the concrete and infiltrate the warehouse. >> reporter: so what san francisco herb did is they simply not only did just this area, where ever there was a seem throughout the woel warehouse area,they cleaned it out and they filled it.
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>> and that's still up for investigation. >> reporter: this detailed consent decree required the food distributor to clean problem areas, eradicate the insects and rodents and sanitize the entire facility. >> it's been shut down for more than six months now. when will it reopen? >> we continue every week to have confers with them. it's really up to providing a plan that we can live with that we can certify and ten we'll be on site to watch. >> there's no way for them to come in now. >> gary meltzer owns the company. he's talking for the first time. >> we 'gone through the whole warehouse and we've filled in all of the cracks so that we don't have an issue with any of the mice. >> reporter: the yellow tape and the federal embargo have kept them from selling any of this product for the past seven
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months. now, after major changes, and they say no sign of any rodent activity since last august, they are ready to return to business. >> i think the lesson learned is the fact that if you are not diligent, things can get out of, you know, out of order relatively quick. and i think san francisco herb, with all the work that they have done, is a better company and a safer company as far as its products tan it ever was in the past. the next step is getting the fda to approve all of the remaining products inside their facile isty. an inspection is set any day as the workers work their way through a process to get back into business. >> okay, thank you, tony. now, if you have a tip for an investigative unit, give us a call at 888-966-tips.
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>> a very real scare late tonight. a veteran pilot lost consciousness. his first officer had to take over the flight from l.a.x. to see attle and that flight was diverted to portland where the first officer landed the plane safely just after 9:00 tonight. the plane was towed to the gate since the pilot usually steers at that point. well, the bags are packed for hundreds of 49ers fans. here's one thing you can expect if you're going or if you're like us, watching from afar. food. >> oh, but with a flare. nbc givers us a taste of the city. >> greetings from new orleans. we're bringing you the action. the fans are starting to arrive. there's so much to see, so many to do and so much to eat. >> reporter: people enjoying the
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local flavor and especially the food, new orleans is known for its local history. we started at felix's, the french quarter institution for over three quarters o a century where chef chad richardson fired up some char grilled oysters. >> just perfect when it comes out of the gulf of mexico and adding that new orleans flavor that we love so much. >> reporter: next up, the main course and dining history. the second oldest restaurant in america. antoines, founded in the mid 1800s. every u.s. president since taft has been there and that's where new orleans culinary historian picks up the tour. >> this holds around 25,000 bottles and there's at least $3 million, $4 million worth of wine there. >> reporter: back in in the '50s, '60s, when he was growing up down the street, richard
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simmons worked here. >> all right, that's the theme here and we do promise to make curfew because we have a couple of more days until game day, that's super bowl sound. there's so much more to bring you. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> it's 1:20 in new orleans. >> i hope he brings back to pralines. >> i'm hoping he does bring some of that back. and making curfew, that is great, lawrence. good news. let's give a look. we did have some warm wealther today with those winds that were sliegtly offshore. it was good enough even though it was only 5-10 miles per hour. 10 degrees above our average, it's one of our warmest in the south bay. oo loox r r r r r r. >> a few areas of patchy fog
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starting to develop. and right now, 48 in san jose. let's take you outside to our live h.d. sky network on this thursday. and there it is, we have that poor air quality right there in the center of your screen. eventually, those winds are going to shift and we will start to get the air quality to improve and the levels look to get a little bit better. right now, high pressure. it's been with us the past three to four days. it is going to start a shift if the allergies have just been too much for you lately. off to the south, that's going to get more of this returning pt it looks more and more likely right now we're going to get a little bit of a system moving in. it doesn't have any rainfall with it, but it is going to help increase our cloud cover. dry for saturday and sunday, but namely, it's going to help to switch up these winds from that dry, offshore wind that produced temperatures in the 70s. 50s at the coastline and
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sunshine there for the weekend. mainly, 60s here. that's the most important thing to remember as we head throughout your saturday. coldest weather in the north bay with 35 in santa rosa, 41 and best chance of fog in the north bay for traveling to san francisco. otherwise, for tomorrow, on your friday, t.g.i.f. we're looking at 68 here in san jose. a little bit cooler back in the east bay with mid 60s back to heyward. livermore also at 65. and for san francisco, 66 there. 68 in santa rosa and 67 in san rafel. no snow this weekend on saturday. cloud cover increase and temperatures in the upper 40s. we're looking at a snow base to 59 inches. let's get that seven day forecast in here. what you're going to find is cloud cover increase as we head throughout sunday, monday and also on tuesday. best chance of showerings comes
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as we head throughout thursday of next week. don't forget, 4:30 tompl morn i tomorrow morning, christine will be with al roker. just have to see if she makes it on the big show tomorrow. >> that will be fun. >> yes, my guess is yes, she'll make it. >> we got about 35 minutes to get your clothes on. the clock is ticking for nudists in san francisco. that story is next.
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okay, keep your clothes on. in less than an hour san francisco's ban on nudity goes into effect. the federal court ruled it does not violate free speech rights. the ordinance does grant exceptions at specified events like the gay pride parade. but no more dining al fresco for the entire body. back with jim cosamore in a moment.
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good evening, everyone, we are live from the big easy. i am jim cosamore at the xfinity sports desk as if you needed anymore reasons to keep it tuned at nbc bay area news, only one station has an exclusive with the head coach of the 49ers. it's rare to sit down three days before the biggest game of the planet, our david fellman sat down and talked to jim harbaugh. >> you said you get better in this game or you get worse. you guys getting better now? >> i believe so. actually, the weeks of practice have helped our team that is out there playing. and guys that are practicing. so there's documented evidence of that. i don't believe too much in momentum. but i do believe in improvement. that will lead to kbesz and success.
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>> you're probably busy yesterday, but i'll just tell you, jack and jackie stole the show. they held a press conference. did you hear anything about it? >> yeah, i heard they were awesome. yeah. >> they were great. one of the great answers was they asked jack and jackie is this. how proud are you? it's no more proud than when like jim or john made the basketball team. we're always proud as parents and this is great. but it's no different than any of their other milestones. >> and one thing i know about my parents is they're sincere and honest at all times. if they said it, then that's how fa felt. >> great work by the golden state warriors. let's get out the oracle arena. clay thompson with 27 points. jarret jack with a huge three in the fourth to take the lead. vince karter for the mavericks with a chance to send the game to the overtime session. but he missed his three ball.
11:28 pm
warriors win 100-97. let's move to the ice. sharks, they remain the only undefeated team thanks to logan and his kaepernicking. it was the seventh straight win to start the season. best start in team history. and on friday, back in new orleans, a big day, jim and john harbaugh take the podium. two brothers coaching teams in super bowl 47. on friday, full all on coverage starting early in the morning. we'll have more news coming up next.
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and that is going to do it. >> what time is al roker tomorrow morning? >> 4:30. >> good night. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from cnn, piers morgan. from "beasts of the southern wild," oscar-nominated director, benh zeitlin, and oscar-nominated actress, quvenzhane wallis. the music of lisa loeb. and "battle of the jaywalk all-stars." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." thank you! thank you very much! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! thank you! you all -- you -- [ cheers and applause ] you sound like you're all ready for the super bowl sunday, yeah? [ cheers ] here's some silly super bowl trivia for you. you know to burn the calories in six bottles of beer you would have to do the wave 4200 times. [ light laughter ] of course, the other hand, if you're doing the wave 4200 times you probably drank a a lot more than six bottles of beer. [ laughter ] do you all know where you're gonna watch the game on sunday? [ cheers ] dan marino said he's not sure where he's gonna be to watch

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